“Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being.”


The Process of Psychotherapy

The therapist encourages each client to explore beyond the immediate reasons for their difficulties, which may lie in repeating patterns of behaviour. With the help of the therapist, who listens and observes in a particular way, we can come to understand some of our early experiences that have shaped our lives so far. Our early experiences can determine how we behave and feel as an adult. Early relationships with parents or caregivers often define the relationships we have in later life, both with others as well as ourselves.

In psychotherapy we can become more conscious of our patterns of behaviour and emotional functioning. This can lead to a greater sense of self awareness and freedom.

Psychotherapy is a journey of self exploration that you embark on with your therapist and as you become more aware of unhelpful patterns and experience the feelings they stir up, it helps us to find more constructive ways of living in the present and gain a stronger sense of inner fulfillment. Given the often sensitive nature of the issues discussed in therapy, developing a trusting relationship with your therapist is really important for effective treatment.Many people experience depression or anxiety at some stage of life and need to come to terms with loss, problems with a relationship or difficulty finding meaning or direction in life.

Psychotherapy or counselling can assist us with the problems we may encounter and can help us to overcome self-destructive attitudes and behaviour. I provide a safe, confidential space which involves a talking relationship where thoughts and feelings can be explored and worked through. This can help to find a more constructive way of living and through this gain a stronger sense of inner fulfillment.

The Next Step

If you think you might benefit from counselling or psychotherapy and you would like to explore the possibilities further, please contact me to make an appointment for an initial consultation.

There is a fee for the initial consultation session, but there are no obligations as we need to mutually agree that what I offer is appropriate for you. If we do agree to work together, a regular appointment time can then be arranged. I look forward to hearing from you.