Couple Counselling + Relationship Therapy Twickenham

“Seldom or never does a marriage develop into an individual relationship
smoothly without crisis. There is no birth of consciousness without pain.”

-C.J. Jung

I have over fifteen years of experience, working with couples and I offer both short and long term Couple Counselling + Relationship Therapy.

There are many different reasons couples seek help with their relationship. They may be experiencing changes in their life that are challenging, infidelity, sexual difficulties, separation, the birth of a child. These changes can often make communication more difficult. Meeting with an experienced therapist in a safe and confidential setting, can help both partners to understand what lies behind current difficulties, paying attention to both conscious and unconscious factors, in order to bring about change. Couples therapy can deepen our understanding and acceptance of each other, as well as giving us the tools to communicate more fully. It often becomes easier for you both to express to each other what has previously been hard to say. It can also help to clarify thoughts and feelings about the future, to enable you both to make decisions.

I offer Couple Counselling + Relationship Therapy at my practice based in Twickenham, which is in close proximity to Kingston, Richmond, Teddington, Hampton and Hounslow.