The initial assessment for counselling and psychotherapy

In the first session it is usual to discuss your concerns and relevant history. The session is an opportunity for you to tell me what has brought you to therapy at this time and what your hopes and expectations are. At the end of the session I will share my initial understanding of your problem and explain my therapeutic approach.This is also an opportunity for you to raise any concerns or questions you might have.

There is a fee for the initial consultation but no obligations as we need to mutually agree that what I offer is appropriate for you, if we do agree to work together, a regular appointment time can then be arranged.


Counselling is generally a shorter-term process which focuses on specific issues or events that have been affecting your life. I will help you to explore and gain a deeper understanding of the difficulty and conflicts to enable you to live more fully in the present and make the appropriate adjustments or changes in your life.


Psychotherapy is a more open-ended process which involves a more in depth work and exploration of our underlying fears, memories, fantasies and patterns of behaviour. With the help of the therapist, who listens and observes in a particular way, we can gradually come to understand some of our early experiences that may have shaped our patterns in relationships and working lives.

As we become more aware of old, unhelpful patterns and experience the feelings they stir up, it is possible to find more constructive ways of living and through this gain a stronger sense of inner fulfilment.

I offer both Psychotherapy and Counselling at my practice based in Twickenham, which is in close proximity to Kingston, Richmond, Teddington, Hampton and Hounslow.

Please feel free to contact me to arrange an initial consultation.